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Call Center Systems

For Public Safety

We carry top of the line recording products that can handle recording from a number of different areas. With our advanced multimedia recording solutions for public safety, you’ll be able to enhance your performance, while meeting the demands of NG-911. We know that PSAPs need a recording solution that they can depend upon. That’s why we offer a reliable solution that is easy to use in a variety of environments.

Features include:

For Call Centers - Recorders - Software - Service - Support - Verint - NICE Systems - Red Box Recorders

The cornerstone of any WFO solution is reliable, flexible and scalable audio and screen recording. Capture Technologies offer the industry’s leading interaction recording tool which has robust functionality for contact centers of all types and sizes. Available through a completely modular delivery model with the ability to integrate with a wide-variety of telephony platforms our solutions are ready-made to pay immediate dividends for your operation.

Features include:

Optimize The Customer Experience – With customer interactions reliably recorded and deep integration that captures extensive metadata, you can quickly retrieve content and accurately review it for reference and advanced staff training.

Reduce Costs – Our unique modular delivery and concurrent licensing model can save you up to 20-50%.

Ensure Compliance & Mitigate Risk – Have confidence that 100% of customer interactions are securely recorded to help you meet regulatory compliance.

Improve Efficiency – Securely and easily manage acquisition, storage, retrieval and playback and lets agents control interaction recordings directly from their desktop and through CRM applications.


Capture Technologies Inc. in California Experts on:


Verint Call Center Systems

Nice Call Center Systems

Red Box Recorder Systems


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Access Control Systems

Internet Based

Enterprise-class, feature-rich S2 access control systems integrate credential-based access control, intrusion detection and video applications for a unified management and administration experience. 100% web based, the systems require no software installation or client license fees. Flexible system architecture allows for a range of applications from single sites to globally distributed physical security management systems. S2 access control systems also integrate with legacy access control systems, allowing for easy upgrades.

NetBox systems are available in two models: NetBox and NetBox Extreme. Both models can be operated entirely from a Web browser and integrates access control, alarm monitoring, video surveillance, and temperature monitoring capabilities in an IP-based, network-ready system.

The NetBox offers support for up to 32 access control readers and 32 nodes. These systems are ideal for a range of uses from independent organizations to field offices of large enterprises.

The NetBox Extreme offers support for up to 256 access control readers and 64 nodes. Extreme systems can be operated as partitioned systems that enable multiple occupant facilities to standardize on a central security system and then share the system with individual entities, such as commercial building tenants. Each partition has its own database, network nodes, and monitoring, allowing users to determine how they would like to manage their portion of the system.

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Stand Alone Systems

Stand alone solutions are perfect for giving you the flexibility you need in a complex environment. For businesses of all kinds, these locking systems control exactly who comes and goes, making your business more secure. No matter what type of industry you’re in, you can rest assured that stand alone solutions can help protect your assets.

Stand alone access control is typically used in:
•Corporate businesses
•Businesses of all sizes
•Options include:
•Smart card
•Magnetic striped card
•PIN code-based

Features include:
•Up to 65,000 doors and users
•Combine off-line and on-line, or combine for full integration
•Durability-Certified to follow hurricane standards and fire codes
•Enhance security
•Create a more efficient workforce

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 Surveillance Systems

IP Video Cameras for Video Surveillance

Whether you have one building or several, Capture Technologies has the latest in video and security technology to help you to deter crime. Video security solutions keep improving every day, allowing its users to integrate with existing video solutions. Users can have the ability to see clearer images on multiple network screens.

Whatever your business model is, we have the variety that you’re looking for whether it’s indoor and outdoor cameras, or mix the two to fit your specific needs. Cameras typically come in dome shape, or box-style with a variety of accessories to make sure that your camera is staying in place.

You’ll also get to choose between wide selections of dome cameras, including vandal proof and high resolution for quality imaging, as well as multi-sensor, multi-megapixel cameras that provide ample resolution to zoom-in for details in live and recorded video. While many vandals are stealing security equipment, our vandal proof option can help to make sure that your camera is there no matter what. Our vandal proof outdoor domes are specifically built to deal with the toughest environments.

High resolution cameras are available in both indoor and outdoor models, with the ability to record the details in different types of lighting. While yesterday’s video technology would not be able to make out the details of a person’s face, high resolution cameras can.

Security cameras of all kinds can help you feel more secure and help you catch the suspect in case of a crime. Don’t let your assets be vulnerable. Give us a call to find out more about the different security video solutions that we offer.

Smart Phone Solutions

Smartphones can make jobs easier. That’s why we have a wide variety of smartphone solutions to fit your unique environment. Whether you want to use a simple software, application or DVR system, we have the solution you’ve been looking for.

Smartphone surveillance monitoring can not only make access to your video easier, but it can also help you to capture unfortunate events that need to be handled immediately. With our solutions, you can simply record, monitor through your smartphone and instantly send a video to whomever needs to handle the situation. This way, you can work quickly and efficiently with the greatest of ease.

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ID Card Equipment and Supplies

All Equipment for ID Card Printing and Supplies

Capture Technologies offers a number of different card printing products to a variety of unique and different industries. We have quality solutions with fast card issuance at a reasonable price.

From student IDs, business ID badges, custom ID badges, to membership, customer loyalty cards and transit payment cards, we want to be able to provide you with a solution that will keep people safer and make jobs easier. We know that each industry has a specific design for different types of printing jobs. We have just what you’re looking for with a variety of medium to high volume systems.

You’ll also have choices for card product features that are possible through smart cards, proximity cards, bar codes, biometrics and magnetic stripes. These options will let you print exactly how you want to by allowing you to create a solution that keeps your customers happy.

Not only will we provide you with the options that you’ll need to get the job done, we’ll offer you quality service and supplies as well. We’ll be with you every step of the process, from selection to installation. We’ll also help you to understand our many software options to ensure that you are printing flawlessly.

California's Source for all ID Card Equipment & Systems:

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PBX, VoIP for Communications

The Best Equipment and Software on the Market

For contact centers, mobile phones and business solutions of all kinds, Capture Technologies can help you to be up-to-date with the latest business phone solutions. Capture Technologies has the leading products in the industry and can help connect you to your employee’s phones with an entirely new system that will keep you being tech savvy.

Companies of all sizes are making the VoIP switch, including call centers. Accessibility and affordability are just a couple of benefits that VoIP’s users will get. With a fully integrated system, you’ll be able to easily utilize functions like call reporting, call statistics, call routing and much more, all through simple software.

Interested in knowing more? Check out our blog and find out more about various VoIP solutions. We carry PBX, Mobility and Contact Center products.


These performance business media phones unify superior voice capabilities and applications into simple-to-use, yet high performance unified communications (UC) solutions. It is the ideal, all-in-one knowledge worker productivity tool, built to integrate seamlessly into a wide range of UC environments.

VoIP Phones for the desktop user are perfect for those who need to update their current phone system. With this communication solution, you’ll be able to have single button access to your voicemail, call recording, call conferencing and transferring.

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Factory Trained Technicians

Top Equipment Expert Service & Support

Our impeccable service record and our local service and on-site support are just a couple of the ways that Capture Technologies truly stands out from the competition. Our service team knows how important a properly installed product is, and they’ll help you to understand the process every step of the way. First and foremost, we want our customers to be informed about their products, and if there is a question along the way, we’ll be here to help you. We are available 24-7 to help you with the following services:

•Product Installation
•Operator Training
•Online Training
•Preventative Maintenance (PM)
•Emergency Maintenance (EM)
•24 – 7 Service and Support
•Project Management
•Custom Training
•Installation Services
•Call Flow Analysis
•Security Audits
•Call Center Analysis
•Workforce Management
•Quality Management Programs
•Depot Service Available Upon Request

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A Few Capture Technologies Testimonials



Marcus Mitchell

"Our Sales Representative, Marcus Mitchell, listened and noted the campus’ needs and then he took action. Mr. Mitchell strategized with us to resolve the problem immediately. He went above and beyond by bringing us a new printer, then he set it up and worked collectively with our IT team to resolve the matter. He also connected with a community partner when we were low on ribbon to help support the functionality and operation of our office. Mr. Mitchell was well informed and provided detailed information so that I made a better informed choice that would best serve our campus. Although, this might seem small, his assistance helped resolve an issue that affects student’s access to education. Mr. Mitchell's leadership and customer services skills are unique. He had a “nothing is impossible” attitude."

Merritt College, Dr. Lilia Chavez Director of Student Activities & Campus Life

Joe Franco

"Thank you! Excellent customer service from Joe Franco. He's the best!" Fremont Unified School District, Kathy Kimberlin, Human Resources

Anthony Romero

"Anthony represents your company very well. He is very knowledgeable and easy to work with. Thanks!"  - Arvin Police Department, Olan R. Armstrong, Lieutenant

Sean Murphy

Ken Tallador

"Thank you for the outstanding support onsite this week by your team. Sean and Ken were fantastic, and I cannot say enough about their professionalism, attention to detail, and desire to make these installations a success." - Vision Technologies, Rob Edwards, Project Engineer

The Capture Team

"Thank you Capture team for all your hard work with this project. Your expertise and professionalism are evident and we appreciate your prompt response to all of our inquiries." The SWIG Company, Irma Flores, RPA, Property Manager, Kaiser Center

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The Best Security Companies Partner with the Best Security Equipment System Makers

AMT DataSouth - A printer solutions provider, AMT Datasouth continues to produce quality printers for the healthcare industry, among others. Their wristband and label printers are among the best within the industry.

CIM - Over the years Card Imaging Masters has been recognized as an innovator in the field of industrial tag marking and plastic card personalization.

HID - HIDGlobal is the Trusted Source for Secure Identity Solutions and has the world's broadest portfolio of advanced generation ID card printers and encoders.

Evolis designs, manufactures and markets an extensive line of plastic card personalization solutions.

AltiGen Communications, Inc. is the leading provider of 100% Microsoft-based Unified Communications solutions.

Axis is an IT company offering network video solutions for professional installations.

Matica System is a leading worldwide company that designs, manufactures and distributes cost-efficient, flexible solution for cards personalization, cards mailing systems and ID card printers.

Maxxess access control systems are installed worldwide and range from small two-door systems to large campuses with multi-buildings, or multi-sites managing hundreds of doors and thousands of badges.

Paxton Access development team focuses on designing systems that are fit for their purpose, containing the important features that are necessary for well-run access control in organizations.

NICE Systems, is the worldwide leader of intent-based solutions that capture and analyze interactions and transactions, realize intent, and extract and leverage insights to deliver impact in real time.

Onity provides facility management solutions such as electronic locks, in-room safes, and energy-management systems to the hospitality, corporate, education, government and marine industries.

S2 Security is an independent manufacturer of IP-based physical security and video management systems.

Verint's solutions capture and analyze complex, underused information sources, such as voice, video and unstructured text.

VPI is the world’s leading developer and provider of Customer Experience and Workforce Optimization software solutions.

Zebra A global leader respected for innovation and reliability, Zebra offers technologies that give a virtual voice to an organization's assets.

NewBold Corporation, manufacturer of the Addressograph Identification products has been providing addressing and identification solutions for decades. Coupled with Addressograph supplies, Addressograph Solutions provide you a complete, cost effective ID solution.

As a maker of CaseCracker for interview management, Cardinal Peak has special expertise in engineering embedded solutions having to do with video, audio and signal processing.

Jolly Technologies is a recognized world leader in secure identification and tracking, visitor management, barcode and asset tracking software.

FTR's platform combines the world's most tested and trusted digital evidence technology into an end-to-end service for recording operations of all sizes and structures.

Red Box Recorders is a global provider of voice and data recording solutions that solve technical and complex business challenges in a smart and effective way.

Numonix is an innovator in the development of interaction recording and quality management solutions that are deployed globally in contact center, customer service, financial, healthcare, public safety and compliance oriented businesses.

Entrust Datacard collaborates with customers to create highly secure financial card programs and government ID initiatives, as well as secure ID programs for education, corporate security and many other markets.

BadgePass is the perfect solution to strengthen the security of your facility. They are the only company that provides an end to end solution for Photo ID, Access Control, Visitor Management and Time Management.

Elliott’s Mobile Solutions™ are complete identification and accountability solutions designed to produce secure, positive IDs and effectively track and manage personnel and assets on- and off-site.

PTZ Pros  is affordable, yet high quality professional surveillance equipment that rivals the performance of that which is used in mega-footprint applications such as casinos and retail centers.

OpenEye is an innovator in the business of designing and manufacturing digital video recorders and surveillance equipment for the security industry.

Sielox is a leading developer and manufacturer of integrated access control and video surveillance solutions. They offer intuitive access control systems to the security industry through an established network of authorized business partners.

Status Solutions develops situational awareness technologies for life safety, security, environmental monitoring and mass notification. Their software solutions deliver real-time, detailed information to help organizations prevent ignorance-based loss and transform business operations.

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